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China Manufacture Menstrual pants

Organic Cotton / Non-Woven Fabric or Customized
Surface Layer
Non-Woven Fabric / Cotton-Like Non-Woven Fabric / Super Soft Cotton Fabric / PE Mesh or Customized
Absorbed Layer
Fluff Pulp+SAP
Bottom Layer
Breathable PE Layer / PE Layer or Customized
Remark: OEM per your specification if any difference


1) Antibacterial, deodorant;
2) Lightweight, breathable, soft, dry;
3) Large water absorption, instant absorption, strong water lock, anti-leakage;
4) No dyes, no preservatives, no chlorine bleach, no chemical fiber ingredients, no softener, no fluorescent bleaching agent, no
formaldehyde, low irritation;
5) Eco-friendly and degradable;
6) Personal tailoring, free movement.

Features of  Women Menstrual Period Sanitary Napkin Pants, Underwear Style Sanitary Panties:

1. Soft and breathable non-woven surface, enables fluid to pass through quickly, keep surface dry and comfortable

2. Absorbent core: imported pulp & SAP to absorb the fluid quickly and prevent leakage, keeping dry and fresh.

3. Leak guard: to prevent the side leakage effectively

4. Comfortable  Elastic waist fits people well with different sizes,  Pants-like design provides a better fastening

5.Clothlike breathable backsheet: to prevent any leakage assuring the cleanness.

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