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Protective Disposable Underwear

Size Weight g/pc Chinese SAP g/pc Saline Absorbency(ml/pc)


Width*length(mm*mm) Waist Size(mm) Pcs/Bag
M 55 10 1000 560*850 500-1090 10
L 60 10 1000 700*850 700-1370 10
XL 70 10 1000 840*850 840-1650 10

OEM your size per your request


1) The non-woven fabric surface Made of natural microfiber, NOT rash any more.
2) Top sheet Doubled hydrophilic non-woven fabric
3) Back sheet Doubled hydrophobia non-woven fabric
4) Additional layers (sheets in between) Breathable fiber / function as liquid-spreading.
5) Ergonomic structure Circle around baby's leg and prevent water leakage and moisture.
6) High absorbency ASAP polymer as core absorbency material, mixed with fluff pulp.
7) Elastic waist band 6~12 supporting strips of elasticity rubber.

Pants diaper product display
High-absorption pants-style adult diapers pull up

Has super high absorption capacity and perspiration ability. The ultra-wide, ultra-long absorbent core can provide more protection for side sleepers. The breathable backing can minimize inner discomfort without sagging. The tall vertical leak-proof cover 360° elastic stretchable waistband is the best choice to prevent leakage.

Pull up diaper
1)No adhesive tapes, easy to wear
2)More comfortable and breathable
3)Waist is adjustable to fit body's curve

1. Nonwoven + paper tissue + fluff pulp + SAP + paper tissue + Cloth-like film
2. Pants-like design
3. Saddle-shaped appearance
4. Super strech waistband
5. Leg cuff
6. Leak guard
7. OEM available

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